[svlug] Announcement: VP transition - bad attitude

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Nov 30 15:50:05 PST 2007

hi ya paul

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> First... the President has the responsibility to quickly fill critical roles
> if/when they are vacated.

as you like to say to us ..

prove that... where is it written that the 
"presidents job ahs the responsibility to quickly fill"

it is a 2 way street you know
and moreimportantly,... there is a precedence of how officers
are elected

	- they announce it themself
	- they may ormay not make a speech
	- they get voted in at that next svlug meeting or subsquent one

	the same way you came to "power"

> You can all decide if you want to "confirm" Warren's appointment or not
> if you'd like - I'm certainly willing to start over and find someone else if
> you all think he's the wrong guy for the job.

warren is not the one in question here

> > > -Dictator Paul
> > Even if it WAS meant in jest --- and, frankly, I am not sure it
> > was --- I gotta say that that signature disturbs me more than
> > anything that has happened thus far.

bad thing ... especially from somebody that have numerous
times pointed out publicly.. a better way to say that is this way
which was in fact a better way than cussing and moaning and pisisng, etc, etc

> Good - it woke you up! 

bad thing ... lisa didn't need to be woken up ...

> I'm doing my damnedest here - I'm human 

not an excuse

>- work with me and SVLUG will
> succeed, or
> work against me and watch the resulting fight decimate the group - your choice.

very very very bad .. that you think you can destroy svlug
because you want it done your way because you're prez or else ...

the point is "you" paul as a pres or human, cannot destroy svlug or as you say,
to "decimate the group" ... the group will still be here ... long after your term
ends in nov 2008 or ends in nov/dec 2007...
	- you do NOT have that "power" to "decimate svlug" ....
	- there is nothing to fight about other than ignoring the community
	- which is speaking out against you ... publicly ...
	- to let you, the community, officers and volunteers know something is wrong
	- it seems you're taking the feedback in a bad way as ooposed
	- to simply having said, we'll vote warren in on dec 5 meeting 
	- and since he's running un-oppposed, it doesn't matter, unless
	- someone else wants the role of vp whome doesn't need your permission
	- to run for office

some of us arguing with you might look that way to you but we're just trying
to keep svlug going the right way ... unless someone else states there is
a more correct way .. better way .. etc.. etc.. and why ...

have fun

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