[svlug] Define Policies and By-Laws

Bill Teeple bill at teeple.tv
Fri Nov 30 15:39:10 PST 2007

Thanks for the reply...  My response to all.

On Fri, 2007-11-30 at 15:24 -0800, Alvin Oga wrote:
> hi ya bill
> > Bill Teeple wrote:
> > 
> > Love the soap-opera that unfolds on this Linux Users Group.
> yup.. entertaining to a major extent .. but.. the consequences
> can be serious too  when the "community requests, desires" is
> ignored
> major changes should be voted on by the people 
> but, who defines what "major changes" is ??
> > I think it is time that SVLUG adopt new by-laws or create them in the
> > first place to help govern the organization - someone recommended
> > looking at the Davis User's Group for a foundation - and I read theirs
> > and it is a great starting point.
> it existed
> it's been moved or erased ... which is the problem
> the voting and prez terms and related stuff
> davis lug's stuff
> kendrick> FWIW, LUGOD has a set of Bylaws and a Constitution, by which we run the club...
> kendrick> http://www.lugod.org/documents/objectives/
> > Let's cut out the ambiguity of the rights and responsibilities of our
> > elected officials and document it.  There should be policies for the
> > election of officials, the replacement of officials, the recall of
> > officials (did I say that?), etc. etc. etc.
> the problem is ... 
> who gets to vote and add/delete their wish list items in the new "constitution"
> of what goes in and what stays out .. before it goes for a vote

Can handle one of two ways:
1. Either a small group will help 'define' the new 'Articles of
Confederation (that was my joke - I mean constitution).  The new group
can be elected individuals by the SVLUG org in general or if no
responses or people don't care, the small group can be made up of
volunteers (I prefer the elected fashion rather than the group of

2. Or a new bi-weekly or monthly meeting open to all.  Should only
require 2-3 meetings to go over existing examples and include and adopt
them and then ratified by the entire community. 

There really has to be some starting point for us to move forward from.
Either our existing rules - or LUGOD's (if they allow us to purloin
them).  Right?  An organization like ours cannot exist without referring
to the rules that govern them - otherwise we truly do have a
dictatorship and that is truly not Paul's intention.

> > If we already do have by-laws (and such), then maybe we need to post and
> > revise them?  I haven't seen them.
> i claim its been deleted, moved or lost in dangling and unused apache trees ...
> just looking for president related stuff shows urls that 
> does not exists today .. that existed before

Who has access to peruse the archives - or to restore from *gasp* a

> c ya
> alvin
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