[svlug] Announcement: VP transition

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 15:32:34 PST 2007

On Nov 30, 2007 3:01 PM, Lisa <svlug at flygirl.com> wrote:
> While the procedures have varied from year to year, I would say
> that it's a pretty well established president that no office was
> *ever* filled (that I can recall in my 14 years on-and-off of
> membership in SVLUG) by appointment with no call for volunteers
> and/or AT LEAST confirmation of that appointment by the
> membership.

First... the President has the responsibility to quickly fill critical roles
if/when they are vacated.  I'm doing just that.  I've appointed Warren
as the acting VP.  Someone needs to be in that role, if only to handle
the case where I get hit by a bus tonight.

You can all decide if you want to "confirm" Warren's appointment or not
if you'd like - I'm certainly willing to start over and find someone else if
you all think he's the wrong guy for the job.

Warren's the best darn guy I could find ANYWHERE for the job - and he's willing
to step in and get involved, even in the midst of crap like this.

> Well, there was also no specific vote or decision that the
> president couldn't set a fire during the meetings... Claiming
> that "there's no rule, therefore it's inherently allowed" is
> ludicrous.

No... people who tell me "We voted years ago not to have a Treasury,
so you can't have one" are being ludicrous.

And people who say "We voted years ago not to go 501c3" likewise
are being ludicrous; that decision wasn't made "Forever".

> > -Dictator Paul
> Even if it WAS meant in jest --- and, frankly, I am not sure it
> was --- I gotta say that that signature disturbs me more than
> anything that has happened thus far.

Good - it woke you up!  Yes, of course, it was dripping with sarcasm.

I'm doing my damnedest here - I'm human - work with me and SVLUG will
succeed, or
work against me and watch the resulting fight decimate the group - your choice.

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