[svlug] "Middleman" companies for contrators who don't want to be

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Nov 30 15:30:51 PST 2007

hiya lisa

> Lisa wrote:
> Does anyone know of any local firms that will hire someone just
> to be a contractor to another firm for a *reasonable* markup
> with NO restrictions (i.e. If we wanted to hire them later there
> would be no "fee").

any and all temp agency will do paperwork for a "small fee"
( i've seen/heard 5% for shuffling papers and generate a check,
  less their fee, and less income tax less EED tax, less unemployment tax,
  less life insurance premiums, less medical insurance, less dental
  insurance premiums, ira deductions, etc, etc ... 
  1/2 gone by the time you get "your newly processed check"

the problem is how much is the fee, and you want paid out first
and watch out for
the agency wanting to pull that contractor in as their own
to send out at higher fees to other places

for some odd reason, possbiel increase of  $$$ seems to 
convert 1099 independents to w2's

c ya

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