[svlug] Define Policies and By-Laws

Bill Teeple bill at teeple.tv
Fri Nov 30 15:12:03 PST 2007

Love the soap-opera that unfolds on this Linux Users Group.

Very interesting threads - I particularly enjoy the eloquence found
within most of the replies and communiques.  

I think it is time that SVLUG adopt new by-laws or create them in the
first place to help govern the organization - someone recommended
looking at the Davis User's Group for a foundation - and I read theirs
and it is a great starting point.

Let's cut out the ambiguity of the rights and responsibilities of our
elected officials and document it.  There should be policies for the
election of officials, the replacement of officials, the recall of
officials (did I say that?), etc. etc. etc.

If we already do have by-laws (and such), then maybe we need to post and
revise them?  I haven't seen them.

Pushing Forward,

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