[svlug] Announcement: VP transition

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Fri Nov 30 13:37:23 PST 2007

[Snipping crosspost from headers.]

Warren:  My apologies on behalf of SVLUG for your having been caused
possible embarrassment, but you've just become the latest volunteer to get 
shot in the foot by Paul Reiber:  I regret to say that, no, YOU ARE NOT
the group's vice-president, for the simple reason that it's always an
_elected_ office, not an appointive one.  Paul has no ability to simply
impose his pick for one of our elected officers.  (I think he thinks
he's El Presidente of some banana republic, or something.)

Our established method for dealing with a vacancy, which we went through
very recently (VP Micah Dowty) is to invite candidates for 30 days, then
hold a brief election at the following general meeting.  (That would be
January 2, 2008.)  Paul would have known this, and spared you this
problem, if he'd bothered to either review SVLUG's records or ask pretty
much anybody, but, well, the man seems to think procedure is for other

If you're still interested in running, I'd very strongly suggest 
you sit down and have a quiet chat with ex-VP Mark Weisler
<mark at weisler-saratoga-ca.us>, who I hope will help get you briefed on

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