[svlug] Announcement: VP transition

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Fri Nov 30 11:07:46 PST 2007

hi ya warren

> Paul Reiber wrote:
> Greetings, SVLUG!
> I'd like to thank Mark Weisler for his service to SVLUG in the capacity of VP.
> He's decided to step away from that role, but remain an active volunteer.
> Warren Turkal, who many of you already know, has agreed to step into
> the VP role.
> Warren has significant previous experience leading the Memphis LUG, and he's
> been really helpful as a liaison between SVLUG and our sponsors over at Google
> (Leslie Hawthorn's FOSS group).
> Given SVLUG's current "statelessness" - lack of rules, regs, bylaws, etc - and
> Warren's experience with putting those sorts of things in place for a LUG, I'm
> please as punch that he's agreed to help out.
good to see "volunteers" .. have fun playing v-prez

in the past, "officers" were always elected people,
that would announce their willingness to do some
svlug community service and usually goes unchallenged 

a vote should be taken at the dec svlug meeting ...
just as a formality if "do-acrcy" or "community desires"
is of any importance .. vs ignoring rules and operational
process/proceedure of svlug over the past decade

	> Date: Tue, 7 Sep 2004 21:52:57 -0700
	> From: Ian Kluft <ikluft at thunder.sbay.org>

	- there is more president/vp roles and definitions
	but it is a  lug, and should NOT be an issue
	as the svlug community should be able to operate
	without *any officers* ...  it does need volunteers

	- rules and bylaws are needed in anything to
	prevent stray cats from pee-ing on bad apples

as far as "lack of rules, regs, bylaws", svlug had
such policies in place ... one of the first few things
svlug did, since its inception

in 2006, some volunteers were moving things around
so i do not know where it is currently

old policy urls was:

new policy is supposedly at:

the whole svlug tree info is defined and listed 
	> From: Rick Moen <rick at linuxmafia.com>
	> Subject: Re: [svlug] moin moin vs wiki
	> Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 03:57:10 -0800

if these directories are missing, error 404, i do
not know where it went or if somebody erased the archices

either way, important info is missing from svlug web pages

	# one day, over the holidays,
	# i'll go and check my full backup archives from 
	# Oct 2006 # to see if it exists on my full backups

there *is* another operational policy that dictated 2yr terms 
or 1 yr terms, electron process/proceedure, etc, etc

	http://www.svlug.org/vote 	http://www.svlug.org/Vote

	- another important policy was nothing is erased
	especially w/o permission of the volunteers
	- spam was deleted from email archives, for
	obvious reasons

- back to reality... work has higher priority

c ya

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