[svlug] plan/agenda for code walk-thru Tue 13 Nov

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Nov 29 01:25:13 PST 2007


I'm really pleased that our kernel walk-thrus are catching people's interest!

Here's the URL to the online wiki page for any/all data associated
with these walk-thru sessions:


All of Jim's planning is in the "discussion" tab - that's here:


That said...  this effort is very much an "exploration of the unknown"
and it's almost impossible to say up front, with any certainty, just
how long we'll want to spend on any one area.

My concern with doing something like listing out the various areas of
interest in some arbitrarily sensible order and saying "one session
per area" (or even 2 or 3) is that this would most probably be doing
everyone a disservice.  Some aspects will warrant one or two sessions,
others might warrant 4 or 5...  It'd be quite impossible for us to

BUT... YES, I'm asking the various presenters to pre-announce their
subject matters as early as they possibly can, so people can prepare.

Thanks again for your interest and I hope to see some contributions on
the above wiki from you sometime soon! :-)

-Paul Reiber
President, SVLUG

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