[svlug] broadcom + PEAP

Richard L. Halpert richard.halpert at mail.mcgill.ca
Wed Nov 28 16:02:18 PST 2007

Hello SVLUG,
The company I work for is allowing me to use Linux on my work machine,
though it is very much a windows shop.  Nearly everything works nicely, even
evolution + exchange, but I have had trouble connecting to their wireless
network.  I'm using a Dell Latitude D630 with a Broadcom 4312 wireless
chipset, and I need to connect to a network using Cisco's EAP-PEAP
protocol.  Does anyone know if this is possible using the bcm43xx kernel
driver?  I've seen reports of it working with ndiswrapper, but I haven't
seen anything conclusive regarding the free driver, which I would prefer to

In my current setup, when I run wpa_supplicant, I get sporadic disconnection
notices during the authentication process.  Sometimes I receive the "Phase 2
authentication completed successfully" message before a disconnection
occurs, and sometimes it happens earlier.  I never get far enough to access
the network.

FYI, I'm not using network-manager because of known issues with


PS I greatly enjoyed removing the "Windows Vista" sticker from my laptop :-)
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