[svlug] result of member poll on an alternative to SVLUG mailing list

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 28 12:00:44 PST 2007

Hi, Rick!

> > I wasn't aware Lisa had "left"
> Yes, you were.
> http://lists.svlug.org/archives/volunteers/2007q4/000515.html

Gee that seemed more like a call for some of the other volunteers
_doing_ various projects to give her some direction... but, hey,
that's just my interpretation of things... it could very well have
meant she's "left"... or it could have meant she was still wanting to
be part of SVLUG and was waiting for YOU and HEATHER and the rest of
the volunteer crew to figure out how you were all going to work

> > Since this poll resulted from your own misunderstanding of what you
> > overheard Warren and I talking about, it's pretty much a waste of
> > EVERYONE's time - that's why I squelched it....
> A bad reason, especially as she asked for votes offlist.  The measure
> was and is thuggish, sets a bad precedent, and is likely to become worse
> over time.  And your first muzzling here and then spine-control and
> attacking her personally was particularly vile.

The thuggish act was her taking her misperception to the entire list
(and by inference and extension, showing the entire list that she
personally doesn't trust my leadership) rather than emailing me or
talking with me about it personally.  Her lack of trust in my
abilities (and yours) is quite evident, and I'm simply not interested
in continually proving to her (and you) that I know what I'm doing and
I'm acting in SVLUG's best interest.

My recommendation to you both is to concern yourselves with how you
wish to _personally_ assist SVLUG going forward, and not concern
yourselves so much with what others within SVLUG are up to.

It's the 21st century - things are changing within SVLUG, and you're
ALL invited to be a part of it.
-Paul Reiber,
President, SVLUG

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