[svlug] bounces and duplicate emails - sillyness

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Wed Nov 28 03:00:39 PST 2007

hi ya greg

> Greg Lindahl wrote:
> I did not say that, but I'll help you even though you're being rude.

wouldn't it have been easier to simply start with this reply first
instead of the initial childish name calling ..

> The key question is "What extra address am I subscribed under?" You
> can find this out by examining the headers of the list emails or

that would give me

Sender: svlug-bounces+alvin=mail.linux-consulting.com at lists.svlug.org
Sender: svlug-bounces+svlug=linux-consulting.com at lists.svlug.org

> On the next page, click "unsubscribe".

and unsubscribing was not the point ..

something changed at svlug is my point... since nothing
changed here ... but oh well ... too late now

> It's not a good idea to > insult the person you're asking for help

ditto all the way around... but i didnt start it, i merely
stated that something out there changed, since id didnt have
problems posting before 

> It's also recommended that
> you not boast about how much money you make, lest you discover that
> the guy who is helping you for free actually makes a lot more money
> than you do.

those guyz/galz is the ones i'm looking for ... to continue to take
over the world domination ... and why do it for free, if you
can make a few nickels more than the guy/gal next door

c ya

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