[svlug] Tonight's Kernel Walk-Thru

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Tue Nov 27 14:23:07 PST 2007

If Jim Doesn't already have somethign planned...

I'm doing some stuff at work with APICs, timers and interrupts right
now, so I'll toss out a request that we look at APICs and how the
kernel accesses and uses them.

BTW, anybody want to point to some good references on them? I'm
starting with google and wikipedia.


On Tue, Nov 27, 2007 at 01:09:26PM -0800, Paul Reiber wrote:
# Tonight's meeting (#4) will be in Bldg. 40 in the "Kiev" room.
# Please enter through the Bldg. 40 lobby and get a vistor's badge.
# http://wiki.yak.net/827 is a pretty good map of the Googleplex if you
# need orientation.
# Tonight's presentation (part 3 with Jim Dennis) starts promptly at
# 7:30 - doors open at 7, so please arrive a little early so we can get
# rolling on time.
# See you there!
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