[svlug] Paul and Darlene

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Tue Nov 27 00:00:55 PST 2007

Darlene does have a history , so this is just more intensity of the same basic behavior.  Paul acted very gently vs prior administrations, well their usual effects if not always the actual policy of the leadership.
..., but  on the general tone of many administrative actions of Paul and others on this  list over the last few years. 
Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:52:56  -0800                                            
From: Jason Shupe......      I don't believe that jettisoning volunteers should be a one  man                  
decision, nor do I believe that it should be a hasty  decision.      ...

From: "de Runtz, Lars"...I, too, vote to reiterate what Tom has said here.  It seems that there
is a thread here that pretty much boils down to a one-sided personality
conflict with an organization president.  I've been in other non-profits
with similar personality conflicts, and it does take a tole on the
people at the top, that are trying to juggle ......... 
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