[svlug] nokia 800 or 770

Brian J. Tarricone bjt23 at cornell.edu
Sun Nov 25 21:43:23 PST 2007

bruce coston wrote:
> nokia 800 or 770
> I found them for $200 and 150 via http://www.dealdump.com , how good are they. I dislike gnome.  

I have a 770.  It's a cool little device, but, honestly, I don't use it 
all that often, as I'm not usually in places where there's wifi but I 
don't have a laptop.  I'd say go for the 800, though, if you want one of 
the two.  Support for the 770 -- both from Nokia and the community -- 
seems to already be falling off, and all the new "cool" stuff is being 
developed for the 800 and the other new one in the 800-series.  Some of 
it is backport-able, some of it probably not.


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