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Every one of Darlene's activities in the last  few weeks has been a slap in the face to Paul and all his efforts. Her response to the code walkthroughs, the so called "poll" which she obviously held just to tell everyone :"oh look what Paul is doing - its not right" Obviously she has some beef with Paul and she chooses to harass him at the cost of members in the list. we cannot run a mailing list like that. 

So it seems like it is an inevitable choice between keeping Darlene, the instigator, nuisance who curses in public, shows her radical and offensive political opinions in public (see her email address for evidence), and has done nothing useful recently OR between keeping Paul, who is trying to make  good things happen, generally for the group. The two of them cannot co-exist.

Since it boils down to this choice, I would choose for Paul to stay, and therefore I support Paul's decision. 

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 Hiya, Aaron!

> Sounds pretty involuntary from over here.

Yup.  It was TOTALLY involuntary - 100% - it wasn't her decision AT

ALL - it was MINE.

This is only the SECOND time in my Presidency that I've had to remove

a volunteer

from active duty.  The first time, the volunteer was gracious enough

to leave without incident.  In Darlene's case, she's evidently

interested in going down "with a fight" instead of without.  So, you

_all_ get to watch the carnage.  I'm not happy about that, but I guess

Darlene feels that's her "right" or something.

If a volunteer's unwilling to learn, unwilling to work _with_ the

current administration, unwilling to change, and so adamant in her

beliefs that she yells at SVLUG members, and so inflexible with her

world view that she jumps at the chance to challenge authority (of a

measly LUG prez?!?) ... what am I supposed to do?  I'm left  with no

recourse, really, other than to ask her to leave.  I have DOZENS of

people privately asking me to please make her go away - and as usual,

one or two publicly dissenting.  Woo hoo... what's new.

Here's the thing - I can't even hold private conversations when

there's any chance she's around - she lurks  out of sight but

evidently within ear-shot, and reports "proposals" to all of you that

haven't even been made.  That's simply unacceptable behavior, and

she's refused to refrain from it, even in the face of direct and

irrefutable requests.

While her interference with other volunteers is disturbing, her

interference with _my_ efforts for SVLUG is simply unacceptable.  I'm

putting a boatload of time and effort into SVLUG, but evidently not in

the particular way that she would prefer me to work.  I hope it's OK

with everyone that I don't knuckle under to her  do-it-like-I-say

attitude; she's simply not in charge of SVLUG, and has no business

directing it.

Darlene's welcome to attend events as a MEMBER and nothing more;

reinstatement as a volunteer would only happen after a considered

review of any noted improvements in behavior.

> [...removed...] for questioning the methods and motives of The  President.

No, she's no longer welcome as a volunteer for bad behavior - not for

questioning me.

-> yelling at installfest attendees (heated discussions, at the

"F*ck-you!" level)

-> inciting political arguments, on-list and off

-> ignoring requests of volunteers/officers regarding usage of the  SVLUG list

You've had your chain jerked here, Aaron - that's part of the

"ignoring requests" bullet item above- we've asked her to refrain from

inciting people on this list, but she's been at it full force anyway.

Thus the "mod" bit on her list subscription.

I'm not very happy with what I've had to do today... but I'm not

regretting it either.



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