[svlug] bounces and duplicate emails - sillyness

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Sun Nov 25 14:59:45 PST 2007

> since you claim to be more "clueful" and more "technical", maybe
> you can explain to the list:

I did not say that, but I'll help you even though you're being rude.

> - how a supposed non-subscriber can remove the incorrect subscribed 
>   email address to show your cluefull techie-ness providing "support"

The key question is "What extra address am I subscribed under?" You
can find this out by examining the headers of the list emails or
looking at your mail logs, but in this case Paul was nice enough to
tell you that it is svlug at linux-consulting.com

Go to:


which you'll find mentioned at the bottom of every list email, and
paste that address into the "subcribe or edit options" field, and
click the box.

On the next page, click "unsubscribe". You'll find an email with a
link you click to complete the process.

By the way, it seems extremely likely that *you* subscribed this
svlug at linux-consulting.com address to the list, and then forgot about
it years later. So your complaining that you don't understand why
you can't post to the list without delays is misplaced; it was your
error all along.

Now, a quick tutorial on how to ask for help: It's not a good idea to
insult the person you're asking for help. It's also recommended that
you not boast about how much money you make, lest you discover that
the guy who is helping you for free actually makes a lot more money
than you do.

-- greg

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