[svlug] bounces and duplicate emails - sillyness

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sun Nov 25 12:41:06 PST 2007

hi ya greg

> Greg Lindahl wrote:
> > like i said, in my prev post, my email setup has NOT changed in
> > 10years  ...
> Go and re-read what Rick wrote. You're sounding like a clueless but
> aggressive non-technical end-user, which is the kind of user we all
> love supporting.

since you claim to be more "clueful" and more "technical", maybe
you can explain to the list:

- how a supposed non-subscriber can remove the incorrect subscribed 
  email address to show your cluefull techie-ness providing "support"


- paul's idea to add a subscribe me is also clueless, but at least,
  he tried something to get something productive done ... oh well ..


the simple solution, instead of these hundreds of un-necessary posts
and tangents would have be too change xxxx  to yyyy in mailmans database
for the incorrectly subsscribed email addy ... 4-6 characters at most

	- this is a trivial problem for clueful mailman admins

	- i guess you do not go to strange corp environments
	to fix their systems or provide a plan of actions
	for minimal time and while maximizing your $$$ for time spent

	- most people/corps i deal with pay $250/hr or more  before 
	i get interested ... but who cares about that .. besides me

instead ... your idea of customer support is to resort to name calling 
and false and clueless accusations as your idea of "end user support"

at least, i dont care what you think or do so it doesnt matter to me
but it is budha-damm hilarious in your post to resolve the issue

c ya

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