[svlug] svlug hw

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Sun Nov 25 12:28:41 PST 2007

hi ya paul

- it's turkey weekend ... relax .. let all the goobbling continue
  its gonna die out from repeatativeness
  its gonna die out from actions or inactions
  its gonna die out from sheer unbelief or boredom

- in the meantime ..

  since i'm one of the bozos insisting that there is a backup
  machine, i'll start working on rebuilding a new svlug box

   	- there is a p4-2.4 machine at the colo predating the
	svlug machine that was intended for the picnic and svlug.org

	- you/svluggers can assume it is going to be maintained
	24x7 ...  though not necessarily 365.25 days :-)

	i and any other volunteers can and will baby sit the servers 
	... i'm across the street but will need an access key 
	- 1hr turn around or 4 hr turnaround or 1 day or 2 day
	turn around is what one can expect from volunteers

	- this box will have its own "computer use" policies
	dictated by its volunteers whom will be spending their time
	to do the baby-sitting

	- if more hardware is needed ... that is a trivial
	problem to solve

	- fries even have a 300GB maxtor on sale for $50
	though i would not consider anything at fries to be 
	"reliable" but is good enough to get started or to save
	$$$ but not necessarily save time, since you will need
	to fix it later

- the box i'm gonna rebuild, from last oct 2006 for svlug shall
  continue to be my toy and is NOT to be moved to people's homes
  as has been the case in my other donations to other groups

  community boxes should be accessible 24x7 by the community

- svlug policies...
	- it did exist in the past... its been written up previously
	but searching its archive from the outside is not the
	way to do it, and a simple "grep policy svlug-archive"
	should be able to bring up several posts on policies

- volunteers..
	- they come .. they go ...

- prez/vp ...
	- they come .. they go ...

- the svlug community ... 

	- we're here to stay .. and they should have a say in its

	- it is not necessarily the volunteers or prez job to
	make decisions w/o getting the okay from the "majority"

	- sometimes when there is a stale mate, the do-acracy
	and officers and volunteers might have to play dictator

- another important tidbit for the "officers" and svlug.org community

	- its domain and property is still not in the communities
	name and accessible by the svlug community or at least the 
	svlug volunteeers

	- nobody really cares too much that some of the incorrect 
	changes has been done to svlug.com or svlug.net ...

	but svlug.org is still under the control of sbay's president
	whom lost the vote to retain its right to maintain its
	registrant status

	wearing 2 or more hats is fine ... however there is also
	a conflict of interest if svlug volunteers cannot do
	anything with it's own domains and property

c ya

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