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The following message didn't seem to make it to the list possibly due to
gross moderation of any view point other than those held by members of the

For the record I don't know 'Darlene Wallach' from Barbara Walters, and my
dissent is not solely based on this recent action, but on the general tone
of many administrative actions of Paul and others on this list over the last
few years.

Date: Sat, 24 Nov 2007 19:52:56
From: Jason Shupe <jshupe at d13.com>

To: SVLUG <svlug at lists.svlug.org>

Subject: Re: [svlug] recent

I guess I'd like a pointer to the captain's log, and/or other
policies/archives of

Your overall tone is some what imperial, not quite what I'd expect
an open source group.  And without a third party poll, it's not clear
strong your anonymous support base

I don't believe that jettisoning volunteers should be a one
decision, nor do I believe that it should be a hasty

I'd be in favor of adding a list admin position to the governance of
who answers to the membership and the general policies of the group,
add some checks and balances to the governance.
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