[svlug] recent "vote"

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Sat Nov 24 19:07:08 PST 2007

On Nov 24, 2007 4:08 PM, Jason Shupe <jshupe at d13.com> wrote:
> I hope her 'ex-volunteer' status was her choice.  SVLUG seems to have
> been plagued with closed source governance in the last few years, and it
> would be a shame to have yet another revolution so soon after the last.

Hi, Jason,

Unless and until you're in the position of having to MAKE, and then
live with, actual decisions like this, please refrain from passing
public judgement on others who have to do so.  It's really kind of

By the way... there was no "last revolution".

SVLUG's never been without its presidential and vice presidential
governance, and that governance has _never_ been overthrown.  Parent
organizations were discarded as we grew, sure... but it's never been a
"revolution" - to say otherwise would be doing a huge disservice to
the volunteers (presidents included!) who have made SVLUG what it is

And "revolutions" would infer we're not friends with our ex-parents -
and that's NOT the case either - I'm pals with both Heather and Ian,
who are both integral parts of SBAY, which used to be SVLUG's parent
organization.  I bear neither of them ill will - in fact, I welcome
them to be active within SVLUG - and one of them currently _is_ active
as an ongoing volunteer.  That's diplomacy in action, not an
accident... and definitely not a revolution.

Volunteers absolutely _must_ help the group more than they hurt it.
Otherwise, they're a burden, not an assistance to the group.  To let
anyone continue to volunteer once they're a burden does the group in
general a disservice.

DOZENS of SVLUG members have contacted me privately to thank me for my
recent actions and decisions - and as usual, one or two of you who
wish to dissent have contacted me publically instead, to give me grief
about those same decisions.

I guess that's life on the internet...  now I'm gonna go open a nice
bottle of wine and have dinner with my wife.

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