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Fri Nov 23 15:14:28 PST 2007

Gang- just got an interesting question from someone over at Heald
College.  (er, as my pal Eric says, "Someone just ASCII'd a
question... better ANSI it...")

I'm guessing Isaac's talking about Linux's console screens and boot
screen, and not something under X-windows.  If it's a windowing level
thing the following may or may not be applicable.

I'm thinking it may be as simple as echoing the proper ANSI escape
sequences from inside whatever startup scripts are being called for
his particular linux.

i.e. escape openSquareBracket 3 5 ; 4 2 m and then sending a
clear-screen / refresh (but not reset!) sequence to get the whole
screen redisplayed with the new color scheme.

I'm unsure about a few things -
...is ANSI on by default on the console(s) in most modern Linuxes?
...would preloading allow the ANSI sequences to be used early/earlier
in the boot?
...can scripts safely switch into the various consoles, and do things,
behind the scenes?

OK I'm gonna go back to having a great Thanksgiving weekend...  Hope
the above helps!
-Paul Reiber
President, SVLUG

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From: Isaac Alvarez <Isaac.Alvarez at sanjose.heald.edu>
Date: Nov 21, 2007 5:26 PM
Subject: linux color
To: president at svlug.org

Was wondering if there is a way to change the command prompt screen,
instead of using black

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