[svlug] Member poll on an alternative to this mailing list

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Fri Nov 23 16:42:14 PST 2007

Ms. Wallach -  I have the unfortunate job of addressing the question
of your continued involvement with SVLUG going forward - in _any_
capacity - based on your recent behavior.

-> a whole room full of SVLUGgers witnessed you yelling at other
installfest attendees

-> your email address alone brought politics onto the SVLUG mailinglist

-> you've penned libelous, and spoken slanderous, statements about me
and other officers and volunteers within SVLUG

-> now you have the audacity to rile up the entire list with
"proposals" and "polls" based on your misunderstanding of a snippet of
conversation between SVLUG's President and it's largest sponsor.

So... Ms. Wallach - I strongly encourage you to "lighten up"... and,
with regard to your SVLUG activities (both online and in person),
please keep your focus on Linux issues only.

In the interest of group harmony, if you continue to disrupt things
here at SVLUG, we'll have to ask you to leave... please don't let it
come to that.

-Paul Reiber,
President, SVLUG

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