[svlug] svlug reorg - mailing list

Alvin Oga alvin at mail.Linux-Consulting.com
Thu Nov 22 11:25:33 PST 2007

hi svluggers

given the latest "svlug mailing list proposal" being moved to
google ... i say it is time to "rethink" the requirements of svlug
as a community

thanx darlene for bringing up the issue ...  and i obviously
disregarded your "reply in private", but svlug is a community effort


given the current situation ... i propose:

- more volunteeers .. less stress for all
	--- aka delegation ...

a) i will take the 2-disk raid system that was (re)built 3x last oct 2006
   that was supposed to be the new svlug box and bring it current again

   if its my choice, i'd probably use centos as it has proved to
   not break itself during normal periodic updates by "dumb user" ( me )

   whereas all 4 of my debian boxes have all crashed during updates
   by apt-get or aptitude and needed manual intervention to kick start it
   after its broken updates or changes

b) # if i play with the svlug boxes again ... i would like to ask for
   # some exim/mailman volunteers .. otherwise you'd get sendmail+whatever
   # or postfix+whatever that happens to work as plug-n-play
	( mailman or ezlm or ?? or gazillion other choices )

   this will be all done (another box rebuilt) before the end of Nov

c) moderators would probably only be needed for job postings, so 
   i'm stupidly thinking there isn't a big headache as its being made into

d) if its my way, there will be at least 3 live systems, but that too
   can be an overkill to merge and resync all 3 boxes 
	- that too in itself can be a learning experiment for all 

e) hardware is not an issue ... too many free boxes floating around
   and worst case, one can go buy one on "black friday" :-)

in the meantim, i'm off to turkeyland

c ya

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