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Hi, Gang!  Here's the video from Meeting #1:

(hope that didn't get mangled)

Tonight's meeting (#3) should be in Bldg. 40 in the "Kiev" room.

Bldg. 40 is across the courtyard from Bldg. 43, where we met last
time. You must enter through the Bldg. 40 lobby and get a vistor's

http://wiki.yak.net/827 is a pretty good map of the Googleplex if you
need orientation.

Tonight's presentation (part 2 with Jim Dennis) starts promptly at
7:30 - doors open at 7,
so please arrive a little early so we can get rolling on time.

Thanks & I look forward to meeting some of you this evening!
-Paul http://Reiber.org
President, http://SVLUG.org

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