[svlug] Good way to check an IDE HD?

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Depending on what you mean  by integrity, hardware or filesystem, one way you could check your filesystem is if
 you have a second hard drive (or partition) that is the same size or larger, you can

dd if=/dev/hd?? of=/dev/hd??

if=/dev/hd?? means the input partition, such as /dev/hda1 for the first
 ide partition on the first hard disk, /dev/hda2 for the second
 partition on the first hard disk, /dev/hdb1 for the first partition on the
 second hard disk, etc (scsi is sd instead of hd)

WARNING:  this will overwrite the output hard drive.  Don't do it
 unless you don't need the data on it.

Look at the results.  The total input and output should be the same.
  This is kinda quick and dirty.  Man page is

To look for damage to your hard drive, you can try:

badblocks /dev/hd?? 

This will read-only test your partition for bad sectors.  Write testing
 is available through a switch.  Man page is

Can you provide more info on what is the actual issue?

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Is there a good way to check the data integrity of an IDE HD?




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