[svlug] plan/agenda for code walk-thru Tue 13 Nov

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Tue Nov 13 10:25:45 PST 2007

Larry - Thanks for your note - lovin' the positive energy.  Well done!

As a top-posting-ish "aside" - someone recommended we make a separate
mailinglist for the
kernel walkthroughs- great idea - I've got a mailman login so I think
I can just do that myself.
I'll post once it's working.

> Like Darlene, I'd love to have the structure, etc. Unfortunately, I've
> had a lot of life happening to me lately, and I barely even have time
> for the meetings, much less to help out in any constructive
> manner. Maybe there is someone on the list who has an extra hour or
> two a week to run things while they are getting started, or who can
> help you set up the schedule and such.

No need to make excuses - we all have life happening to us.  You've
contributed a LOT so far - that's awesome - and others have done similarly -
helping some, maybe not as much as they'd like (or I'd like)... but helping.

I'm not looking for people to stretch themselves to be part of this.
We're a large
enough group that I know this thing will soon be running itself - with
a life of its own,
similar to the installfests.  I.e. my hope is that it'll evolve and
morph into being whatever
the people who are driving it (at the time) perceive as the best way
to organize
themselves for the next few weeks.  or months.  or years.

I have some time I can dedicate weekly to this, for the next few
months at least... except
one or two Tuesdays over the Christmas holidays.

Regarding the agenda - here's my idea on how it can just 'work'.

In the coming weeks, whoever lines _themselves_ up as a leaders for
reviewing a given
aspect of the kernel can communicate _whatever_ pre-meeting content
they'd like to
the kernel-walkthru-list.  That way, people will be able to be as
prepared as they'd like
for a given subject.

In a very natural way, that lets say 2 or 3 people take co-leadership
roles on a given
subject, work through the agenda on-list for a number of weeks
_before_ the group
even addresses the topic in the weekly meetings.  As a side-effect,
all interested parties
can be as prepared as they'd like to be beforehand.

> Darlene,
> You've been the most vocal proponent of preparation. If Paul were to
> work with you, maybe tell you who is leading it each week, maybe you
> could get together with that person and come up with a list of
> preparatory materials. That way, you'd be the first to know.
>    Larry

I'd have loved to tell everyone
(1) who was speaking and
(2) details of their agenda
...when I was first asked last week.

The problem was that I didn't have an answer until Sunday night.
My hope is that this will naturally resolve itself going forward.

P.S. - Darlene - would you be willing to help with writing up an
example preparatory agenda so new/first-time speakers have something
to start from when they first try leading a session?  That'd be
immensely helpful...

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