[svlug] bash command to save cli to a file

Seth David Schoen schoen at loyalty.org
Sat Nov 10 20:40:22 PST 2007

Paul Cubbage writes:

> Help please svlug!
> Burnt out synapses and google gives to many false positives.  I can't
> remember it but there is a bash command that creates a file in the
> current directory that captures all CLI and output.  It is closed with
> It's not anything to do with a log file

The traditional solution is script, but a more modern approach could
be the use of screen.  Ctrl-A H within a screen session will, by
default, log the subsequent activity in your current window to a file
in your home directory.  If you don't use screen, give it a try!  You
get virtual terminals, the ability to attach and detach terminal
sessions, copy and paste, terminal history, and more.

If you're interested in getting the _timings_ of your interaction with
the computer, not just the text, you should try ttyrec.  This is used,
for example, by public video game servers to allow people to play back
text-based video game sessions in realtime (or at a particular speed

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