[svlug] Code walkthrough notes

Julie Hill joulie at gmail.com
Fri Nov 9 14:29:13 PST 2007

Hi Paul,

On Nov 9, 2007 12:13 PM, Paul Reiber wrote:
> Within a few months, the group will be prepared and knowledgeable
> enough to be guided
> by 'domain experts' both from within our own ranks and from the
> outside world.

I know you mean well and I appreciate all that you're doing, but I
find this disappointing and condescending. I can't speak for others,
but I was ready on Tuesday to seriously look at the kernel internals.
This is not an SVLUG meeting where you need to cater to an audience
with a wide range of skill levels. This was advertised as a kernel
code walk-through, which I believe implies some level of ability to
read and understand kernel code. I may be wrong, but I have a lot of
confidence in the group, and I think most of the people who attended
Tuesday night were well aware of what they were signing up for.

Would it be possible to pick a topic and put out a call to the members
for people who can speak on that on Tuesday? It doesn't have to be
perfect. A team of people could speak initially to take the pressure
off any one individual.

One idea that someone mentioned to me was that we could have one
meeting where a specific kernel topic was presented and homework
assigned. Then the next few meetings after that would be follow ups to
cover additional details, time for discussions, question and answer
sessions, help with homework, etc.

The advantage of that sort of schedule being that it takes pressure
off as far as needing a very knowledgeable speaker for every meeting
and also encourages more audience involvement.

> I've got a number of calls out via various channels to find leaders
> for next years sessions. Some
> of the people we're approaching are pretty big names in the Linux
> community. I don't want
> to say much more than that, since I can't make any promises at this point.

Having kernel rock stars speak to us would be absolutely terrific, but
I don't think there's any reason that we should have to wait for that
before diving into the kernel internals. We have a lot of talent
within our group already, and there are a lot of other people we could
recruit who aren't rock stars, but still have a lot they could

Please let me know if there's anything I can do to help make these
meetings a success.

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