[svlug] Hello from The Lick Observatory IT

Yudhvir Sidhu ysidhu at ucolick.org
Thu Nov 8 14:31:56 PST 2007

Hey Male and Female Guys,

This message is to introduce myself to the SVLUG community. We are an IT shop supporting about 200 users/systems which are predominantly Macs and Linux. A few Solaris machines, mainly servers, and the ever growing creep of Windows. Brrr.. it is cold out there.

Anyways, the organization is located at UC Santa Cruz. We directly support various projects up at Mt Hamilton. About 3 dozen TB of data. We run our own servers and use our grant dollars very wisely. 

The reason I am interested in the Linux community is to learn from you guys and hopefully try to help the community when we can. Learning comes from finding out better ways of backing up data. Today, helping comes in the form of a job. We are looking for someone who is willing to learn and do user support. Yes, there is a job posting. And yes, I did send it to the jobs mailing list. It has not posted...yet. No, please don't send me resumes. This is a state position and you have to go to jobs.ucsc.edu and apply for position number 0701353.

Yudhvir Singh Sidhu

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