[svlug] Code walkthrough video.

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Wed Nov 7 16:16:11 PST 2007


Regarding the videos - I have no idea when they will be uploaded.  Sorry.
Homework-wise - I recommend the following:

- read through the awesome overview of the meeting that Larry just
sent out - it includes a link to the LXR website and a list of the
various areas we'll be diving into.

- get familiar with that website, how it works to cross-reference
symbols and such

- figure out what your own particular areas of deeper interest are,
and begin exploring those

I've gotten some awesome feedback on how we might tweak things a bit
going forward (which is exactly what I was hoping for!) so after next
week's meeting we'll be a lot
better organized - we might even have a roadmap or similar.

Thanks so much for your involvement with this!


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