[svlug] Code walkthrough notes

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Wed Nov 7 15:24:44 PST 2007

The walkthrough last night was fun and interesting, the material was
very introductory, and a lot of the evening was spent discussing what
we'd be covering in the near future. Many thanks to Warren (did I
remember the name correctly) who did a very good job on about 37
milliseconds of notice.

Most of my notes and questions are purely organizational, about the
meetings rather than the material.

First of all, should we set up a separate mailing list for it? I
expect that most people on the main list are only interested in so far
as maybe wanting to be notified about what material will be covered,
and not so interested in discussing either what to talk about, or
discussing the material itself.

It occured to me that it might be good to break the evening into two
parts, possibly each led by a different person. Start off with about
20 minutes of high level overview, usually about the code to be
covered, but it could be about something entirely different.

There were also a few times that the meeting could have used a catherd
to keep things from veering quite so far off track.

I get the impression that Paul's plan is to get a volunteer to lead
the discussion each week with some plan, or outline in mind.  I think
that this is a good way of doing it. Having the same person lead it
each week would definitely lead to burnout.

It occured to me that there are several related topics, that aren't
actually in the kernel itself, that would be helpful to learn more
   Cross compiling (the kernel)
   Kernel debugging (gdb extensions?)
   Open BIOS
   Kernel documentation

Speaking of documentation, a good reference website is 

When Paul asked for discussion topics, I suggest starting with high
level structure. He asked me to layout what I consider to be the
primary structural elements, so here's my quick and dirty outline. I
highly encourage people to post their suggestions as to a better list.

  Memory Management
  File System
  Device Drivers
  Boot / init
  Interrupt handling
  system calls

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