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Linux is an ecosystem. It supports many very exciting business models
where individuals or small teams of individuals can provide services
to the business community. Linux is very big business today. If you
have the expertise, then you'll have no problem finding folks willing
and eager to pay very good rates for your services.

Well, nothing is for free, what are the tradeoffs? Software in the
Linux ecosystem changes very fast. What you knew a year ago may not
even be relevant today. To maintain the highest levels of Linux
competency requires a lot of effort -- because of the rate of change.
On the other hand, it is that very high rate of change that keeps
a shortage of genuine Linux experts -- which keeps the rates very
high for those who can solve the problems of the business community
efficiently. The linux ecosystem is optimally efficient in this
respect. It is a highly competitive arena to play in. What I mean
is the linux ecosystem enables the very best to earn much more than
they might. It likely decreases the earning power of folks with
marginal skills in specific fields of endeavor.

The linux ecosystem is a tremendous avenue to explore for folks who
have the expertise and an entrepreneurial spirit. Dive in and blaze
your own trail.


On Tue, Nov 06, 2007 at 11:08:55AM -0500, vprasad1 vprasad1 wrote:
> Linux Today had a link to this Intranet Journal article by Matt Hartley on creating an open source Geek Squad alternative ( http://www.intranetjournal.com/articles/200711/ij_11_01_07a.html ).  At the end, he mentions that the type of business has been successful, but "not on a national scale".  My questions:
> What Open Source oriented Geek Squad type services exist here in the Valley area?
> Are there any Tech Support businesses even more targeted (ie specific Linux distro focus) for supporting SoHo/Home clients?
> Thanks,
> Vijay

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