[svlug] testing memory in a thinkpad t-41 running kubuntu 7.10

John Conover conover at rahul.net
Tue Nov 6 10:23:19 PST 2007

Larry Colen writes:
> Last night at Fry's I picked up two 1-gig cards of kingston ddr pc2700
> 333Mhz for my Thinkpad. The theory being that I could substitue the
> two 512M memory cards in it and boost it from 1G to 2G.
> The problem is that when I installed the memory my computer became
> very flakey. Is there a likely problem other than bad memory?
> What is a good way to test the memory?

I don't know if its on the Ubuntu/Kubuntu disks, but it is on Knoppix;
at the "login: " prompt type "memtest," and it will invoke
http://www.memtest.org/ which is a fairly good memory tester, (takes
awhile since it tests bit patterns, also.)

Knoppix CD's are available at http://www.kernel.org/pub/dist/knoppix/
which are handy to have around for such things.



John Conover, conover at rahul.net, http://www.johncon.com/

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