[svlug] Please read and respond - I suggest postponing 1st code walk-thru mtg

Julie Bovee Hill joulie at gmail.com
Sun Nov 4 16:21:58 PST 2007

Hi Darlene, SVLUG,

I've been lurking and planning to attend...

On 11/3/07, Darlene Wallach wrote:
> All,
> I have a concern that we are not ready to start
> the Linux kernel code walk-through meetings.

I'd like to see the first meeting happen this week to keep the momentum going.

> I have not seen a syllabus/curriculum for the
> upcoming Linux kernel code walk-through.

Couldn't we make some decisions on this together in the first meeting,
but also leave the door open to adjust along the way? It seems this
might be more sustainable over the long-haul as a do-ocracy than a
formally planned "class".

I sort of expected this to be as much social as educational - people
getting together to share their knowledge. A series of sit-down
lectures is less appealing, unless we're recruiting some big-name
lecturers to stop by ;-)
(and it puts a lot of undue pressure on the lecturer, too)

> ...which specific kernel code
> we will use, a specific editor, etc. so that
> everyone is looking at the same code and seeing
> the same line numbers
     And On 11/3/07, Tejas Kokje wrote:
     > As for kernel version, how about 2.6.23 since it has new CFS scheduler ?
          And On 11/3/07, Akkana Peck wrote:
          > Paul, is (the latest stable version) a reasonable choice
          > for us to have ready on our laptops? seems like an obvious choice. No one has objected to that and
several have suggested it, so let's just agree on that now. It doesn't
seem like such a complicated decision to make and choosing now has the
advantage of giving everyone time to have it downloaded and
ready-to-go for Tuesday.

> I suggest we have a link on svlug.org which lists
> everything so that people who want to participate
> can look there to see where we are - what we have
> covered, what we plan on covering (in case they
> want to come to a specific meeting).
> Are there people interested in the code walk-through
> that want to propose different aspects? If different
> people take on the tasks it won't all land in the
> hands of one person. I assume most people have day
> jobs, family/relationship responsibilities. So most
> people will not have a lot of extra time on their
> hands.
> Are there people who concur with my assertions and
> suggestions?
> Are there people who offer to take on doing some of
> the work?
>   - which specific kernel should we use
>   etc.

All good ideas that could be discussed Tuesday night. I'm willing to
volunteer for something, but it's kinda hard to volunteer for vague
assignments. If we opt for a spirit of do-ocracy, we should be able to
all feel free to contribute without having to get some "official
virtual permission slip" signed in advance.


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