[svlug] Website Hardware Guidance

Steven Friese stvn_consult at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 09:19:15 PST 2007

I'm kinda new to the server side of Linux and I need some advice.  I just started working for a company that is building a fairly huge community based website.  This is a revamp of their old site so there is lots of content to be moved while the community will add much more.

The new site will be made using LAMP and Drupal.  I would like opinions on hardware requirements.  At a guess, we probably get about 50,000 hits per day, and that should increase with the new site.

How strong of hardware would be minimal?  Thoughts on redundancy (clustering?) and backups would be  appreciated.  I would like to have enough room to grow also.

I don't know yet what version of Linux we will be using.  I've only had any real exposure to SuSE Professional up to 10.2.  Would a SuSE or Redhat server be better?  What is the general feeling of both of their support services?

Any other advice would be greatly appreciated  also.  Thanks in advance.
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