[svlug] Please read and respond - I suggest postponing 1st code walk-thru mtg

Akkana Peck akkana at shallowsky.com
Sat Nov 3 18:36:56 PST 2007

Darlene Wallach writes:
> I have a concern that we are not ready to start
> the Linux kernel code walk-through meetings.
[ ... ]
> I have not seen a syllabus/curriculum for the
> upcoming Linux kernel code walk-through.

I'm not too worried. I'm very much aware this is a volunteer thing
thrown together very quickly -- I'm guessing Paul is still trying
to decide what's best to do first, and how fast we'll be able to
follow.  It might take a few meetings to figure that out.
I'm all for jumping right in and learning some basics while
we all figure out how these sessions should be run.

Once things are rolling and there's a plan several weeks in
advance, I love your idea of having all the info on svlug.org
so people will know where we are and what to prepare for next.
I'm certainly willing to help with that.

> which specific kernel code we will use, 

I do agree that we should decide on a specific kernel version
beforehand, so we don't have to spend the whole first session
fighting with wi-fi configuration, waiting for downloads,
configuring and building.  

Paul, is (the latest stable version) a reasonable choice
for us to have ready on our laptops?

> a specific editor, etc.

Oh, now you're talking about restricting our choice of religion! :-)

Seriously, I expect most people will use whatever editor is
most familiar to them on the privacy of their own laptops.
However, for future documentation on svlug.org, it might be
good to pick a favorite web source viewer, e.g. LXR.  I found
http://fxr.watson.org/fxr/source/?v=linux-2.6 for the git version, but
nothing that has 2.6.23. Are there any better search/display tools?

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