[svlug] Feedback needed

Daniel Son dsong at meta-for.org
Fri Nov 2 05:30:56 PST 2007


Thanks for finding time to have a look at the site. I am planning to add 
the categories you mentioned, but the "entertainment" part will probably 
be the last one, because I don't have much knowledge of the products in 
this category, unless I find someone to contribute this information, at 
least as a list of products available. I am planning to provide some 
limited access to other people to modify the database,  but for now, 
management interface does not reflect all the changes I've made 
recently, and sometime, I need to modify the database directly (rare 
cases, but still).  I can provide access to addition/modification of 
products in the existing categories, using existing set of attributes, 
but not to creating new categories and attributes.

Thanks a lot one again,

Andrew Wilcox wrote:
> This fantastic idea works well on Firefox 3.0alpha6 / Win32.
> Some [desktop] categories: Accessibility, Games, Internet, Multimedia,
> Networking, System Utilities.
> Is there a way for other people to add to the database?  I only took a
> quick skim of the site.
> On 11/1/07, Daniel Son <dsong at meta-for.org> wrote:
>> I am working on a small project that I see as a software catalog
>> searchable by features and functionality. There is still lots of data to
>> put into the database , but I would like to get as much feedback as
>> possible about the following topics:
>> 1) what's people experience using the resource;
>> 2) Accuracy of the information that is already there (need to do some
>> 5) anything else ...
>> The URL: http://www.meta-for.org
>> Thanks a lot in advance.
>> D
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>> http://www.meta-for.org - Open Source software catalog

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