[svlug] Let's get Darlene a notebook computer

Paul Reiber reiber at gmail.com
Thu Nov 1 15:23:37 PST 2007

> I agree. I do not have a laptop. So I want to have the code to look at and make notes on.

SVLUG - I've gotta believe one or two of you have a handful of
3-or-4-year-old notebook computers laying around that could run Linux
really well.  ...and in that case, I'll add - how about giving one to

Just 'cause the battery's dead and you have to run it from wall power
doesn't mean we wouldn't really appreciate the contribution.

Darlene's been a long-time volunteer with SVLUG - she's my go-to-girl
for facilities/AV for our monthly meetings, for example.  If there's
anyone who deserves a little good karma, she'd be the one.  So...
please share if you're blessed so as to have a few extra machines.

I'll do what I can to provide a few extra machines at the kernel
walkthrough sessions, but it'd be great to get her a machine to use
the rest of the time.

Thanks in advance!
-Paul Reiber
SVLUG's President, Installfest Coordinator, and chief beggar too. :-)

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