[svlug] INVITATION: Linux Kernel Walk-thru sessions

Marco Walther marco at sonic.net
Thu Nov 1 08:33:48 PST 2007

On Wednesday 31 October 2007 21:44, Darlene Wallach wrote:
> Brian J. Tarricone wrote:
> > Darlene Wallach wrote:
> >> What are people using for reading kernel code?
> >> I don't have a printer and want to arrange to have
> >> code printed off for the first session.
> >
> > Is that really necessary? Seems like a bunch of people printing off
> > reams of kernel code isn't terribly eco-friendly. I would think people
> > with laptops should bring them.
> [snip]
> > 	-brian
> Brian,

Hi Darlene,

> I don't have a laptop. If I want to take notes
> it seems it would be easier if I have the code
> available.

Please try to find a laptop. I just did a big `wc' on an older kernel source 
tree I have laying around. It came in at 6.1 million lines in 14,600 files. 

If you print 400 lines per sheet (100 lines/page; 50% -> two pages per side; 
duplex), but start a new sheet for each file, you would look at probably 
around 30,000 sheets or 6 of the big printer paper boxes.

You might not need to print everything but it's really hard to predict where 
cross-refs take you especially when you don't have a very good prior 
understanding of the code.

The other problem is that that amount of paper does not work well for finding 
cross references. Tools like ctags/cscope and friends (locally)  or OpenGrok 
on the web help much more.

Just my ideas,
-- Marco

> I agree I am not being eco-friendly!
> Darlene Wallach
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