[svlug] (forw) New Wired article on Hans Reiser

Rick Moen rick at linuxmafia.com
Tue Jun 26 08:31:59 PDT 2007

Interesting article, detailing numerous additional weirdnesses in the
case, casting further light on the role of freakazoid friend / lover /
creditor / maid of honour / confessed murderer Sean Sturgeon, involving
adultery, probable embezzlement, questionable child rearing theories,
and ruthless divorce tactics.  

Article also presents some of the police's circumstantial case, making a
bit clearer why they felt Hans Reiser's post-Nina-disappearance
behaviour was hinky and struck them as showing "mens rea" (guilty mind):

Police were unable to locate Hans Reiser's Honda Civic CRX during
approximately the first two weeks of reportedly very unsubtle
surveillance, during which time Hans was using his mother's Honda
hybrid.  They found it at the end of those two weeks by tracking Hans to
it on a secluded street in Berkeley, from where he then drove it to a
street in the Oakland hills, and then ran the remaining three miles
uphill to his mother's house in Montclair.  Upon then searching the CRX,
police found the passenger seat missing, plus find large garbage bags,
cloth towels, masking tape, and the books _Masterpieces of Murder_ and
_Homicide: Life in the Streets_ that they'd earlier observed him buying
at Borders Books in Berkeley.  The car's floor was soaked.  They found
one drop of blood (of unknown age) that matches Nina's type in the car
(as they also did on a pillar in in Hans's mother's house).

Earlier, when detained for a mandatory DNA swabbing, he had been found
to be carrying a passport and $8,960 in cash.

All of this is hardly any sort of smoking gun, but does explain the
police's suspicions.  (Remember:  We're not hearing evidence, just bits
and pieces of various people's unverified assertions.)

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