[svlug] versajet is NOT a cheap printer at 50-50

bruce coston jane_ikari at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 11 13:40:20 PDT 2007

versajet is NOT a cheap printer at $50-50.

I bought it , its on sale til tuesday, to store and
maybe use that neat nagnetic ink. Looks like 2 lexmark
cartridges come with it, potential profit after Ebay.
I don't want to ebay this thing but I desperately
don't want to open the box and print out the proof of
purchase required to get the rebate because It won't
keep for a decade after that! Guess I'll have to go to
Fry's and return it. Does anyone have one ? Does some
driver work with linux ? [ linuxprinting.org does not
make it through MetroFi-Free ] Is It possible to get
around the Printed on the printer with its magnetic
ink requirement to get the rebate ?

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