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Don Marti dmarti at zgp.org
Mon Apr 30 17:30:15 PDT 2007

begin Bill Schoolcraft quotation of Sun, Apr 29, 2007 at 10:44:22PM -0700:

> Just got a new PC at home, it's noisy and was wondering if anyone
> can share some experience here.  I just read about a "fanless"
> power-supply and then realized I needed some input.
> http://www.xoxide.com/fanlesspsu.html

Case fans and CPU fans often seem to be noiser than
a high-quality power supply fan.  One approach that
seems to work for me is to switch to a bigger case
that can accomodate one big fan in front, then use a
power supply that has a thermostatically controlled

"I'm building a quiet PC" is often a polite way of
saying "I'm going to fry my hard drive."   The most
important thing to do before starting a quiet PC
project is set up lm_sensors and smartmontools to
keep track of temperatures inside.  Repeated kernel
compiles are still the best torture test.  If you're
using that thermostat power supply, your box will, at
least in theory, get noisier before it cooks itself.

Random quiet computer notes from me:

Rick Moen on acceptable drive temperaturatures:

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