[svlug] Centos 5

Florin Andrei florin at andrei.myip.org
Thu Apr 26 14:17:40 PDT 2007

Karen Shaeffer wrote:
> I like FC6. For single desktops or standalone servers, I think
> FC6 is an excellent OS. If I am intending to cluster servers,
> then I am going to use Centos. FC6 != RHEL5 for clustered
> solutions.

That's close to the conclusion I came up with, too, regarding 
RedHat-based distributions.

1. Fedora (or, more recently, Ubuntu - OK, that's not RedHat-based, but 
whatever, it's Linux) for the desktops and the laptop. I'm writing this 
message on a Fedora 7 Test machine (initially Test 1, but after many 
"yum update" is more Rawhide than Test).
2. RHEL for critical servers at the office.
3. CentOS for servers outside the critical chain, and also for the 
server under the table in my living room. :-)

Fedora is a target that's moving too fast for a typical server, even for 
a personal server. RHEL/CentOS are too conservative for your desktop if 
you're a geek, but are probably just fine for a "corporate desktop" machine.

Of course, none of these rules are set in stone.

Florin Andrei


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