[svlug] PenLUG this week - NEW LOCATION - "Linux Appliance Design"

Bill Ward bill at wards.net
Tue Apr 24 17:04:44 PDT 2007

The Peninsula Linux Users' Group has a new location and sponsor
(Qualys) and we will be meeting this week on Thursday, April 26, 2007
at 7pm.

New location, courtesy of Qualys:

Bayshore Technology Park
1300 Island Drive
Redwood Shores, CA 94065
Suite 108 - Boardroom I

For directions and more information visit www.penlug.org

If you plan to attend please send mail to rsvp at penlug.org (not
required, but helps us to plan the meeting).  If you need help finding
a carpool partner send mail to carpool at penlug.org.

Bob Smith and Bill Pierce, Linux Appliance Design

Join us as Bob Smith and Bill Pierce, two of the authors of No
Starch's book Linux Appliance Design describe the components used in
the book's sample appliance. The talk will focus on what each
appliance component does, why you might want the component in your
appliance, how the component ties to the other components, and how to
install and configure the component.

A partial list of the components to be covered includes:

    * Appliance architecture
    * Run-Time-Access: How to talk to a running daemon
    * Two ways to use logging to respond to appliance events
    * A sample front panel interface
    * How to use AJAX to build an event triggered web interface
    * Framebuffer and LIRC interfaces
    * A command line interface
    * An SNMP interface

You can preview the book's table of contents and examine the
underlying technologies at the book's Web site.

Copies of Linux Appliance Design will be given out as door prizes, and
also available for purchase for $30 per copy (half price).

Bob Smith and Bill Pierce have experience in embedded systems,
commercial Linux appliances, and network management systems. Bob has
contributed several articles to The Linux Gazette and frequents
comp.os.linux.embedded. Bill built the bootable CD that comes with
book and did the framebuffer and LIRC chapters.

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