[svlug] Help with some Ubuntu Feisty Fawn issues

Daevid Vincent daevid at daevid.com
Tue Apr 24 15:09:18 PDT 2007

For what it's worth, I use VMWare Workstation 5.5 daily for many different
I use an XP host, with Linux VM (guests). Some are Debian, some are Gentoo.
They all work awesome and I experience zero lag with the samba share. I do
lots of LAMP work, so I'm always sharing out the public_html tree and doing
my editing in XP's HomeSite/SQLYog/SecureCRT/etc. and viewing in
Many of my colleagues use VMware on their Ubuntu host's running linux debian
guests. We make a network security product (www.lockdownnetworks.com), so
we're hammering the VM's networking in unGodly ways, and it works like a
So, you might look into other reasons why your samba is slow. perhaps
firewall rules, bad cables, packet storms, using a hub vs a switch. The
connection from VMWare guest to host should be unaffected by LAN stuff in
most cases I would think, but if you're host/guest is getting flooded or
audited or something? Also, maybe try the different modes(bridged, NAT,
host-only) and see if any make a difference to help narrow it down. VMs are
notoriously slow in disk I/O, as they're just one big-ass file ususally.
Other ways to speed up this is to pre-allocate the VM's VHD, or give it a
physical drive partition and just point the VM at that. I do this with my
Dual boot XP/Gentoo notebook. It's awesome. I just fire up the XP VMware
Workstation, point the VM at my Gentoo partion, and "rock out with my cock
out" as they say -- at near native speed. I even will do this so I can
compile (emerge system/world) my Gentoo "side" while working on other XP
tasks. :)


Speaking of virtualization: Any suggestions on which one to use? I have
tried VMWare, but its networking is awfully slow. When I set up Samba on the
linux host and try to get the guest (XP on VMWare) to see the linux file
system, the connection is slow enough to be unusable. I am still playing
around with VirtualBox. I have tried Win4Lin in the past, and I don't know
its current state.

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