[svlug] Help with some Ubuntu Feisty Fawn issues

M. A. Sridhar m_a_sridhar at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 24 13:53:37 PDT 2007


I am wanting to move away from Windows 2k/XP to Ubuntu Feisty, and would like some help. I am fairly experienced with Linux/Unix, but not an expert.

First, sound system problems: I am unable to record sound. I need to use Yahoo messenger and Skype to communicate (can't replace them, for various reasons) and the Linux version of messenger doesn't support voice, to my knowledge.  So I'm trying to get them to work from within a virtualizer (VirtualBox or VMWare or the like). I'd appreciate some pointers on how to get the recording to work. (Of course, if the host Linux cannot record sound, neither will the guest systems, AFAIK.)

Speaking of virtualization: Any suggestions on which one to use? I have tried VMWare, but its networking is awfully slow. When I set up Samba on the linux host and try to get the guest (XP on VMWare) to see the linux file system, the connection is slow enough to be unusable. I am still playing around with VirtualBox. I have tried Win4Lin in the past, and I don't know its current state.

I also use virtualization for testing web applications on Internet Explorer (a necessary evil) and for handling the occasional MS-specific need.

Another problem: I use a headset connected to a Creative Labs PCI128 sound card that provides mic input and two outputs, one for the speakers and one for headphones. On Linux, I only get output in the speakers -- the headphones are silent. I'd appreciate help with fixing this.

Thanks in advance for all the help.


M. A. Sridhar 
m_a_sridhar at yahoo dot com
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