[svlug] Something keeps changing my xorg.conf

Larry Colen lrc at red4est.com
Mon Apr 23 10:30:21 PDT 2007

My desktop machine, running Fedora 6, has an Asus P5b deluxe mobo,
intel core duo processor, and the Intel 925 chipset.  The last seems
to dynamically assign PCI addresses depending upon what is plugged in.

For video, I'm running two PCI-E Nvidia 7300GS cards. After much
fussing and messing about, I'll finally get things working
properly. Sometimes I'll have to plug a CRT into the VGA connector of
one board or the other, because it will decide to send the signal out
that port rather than the DVI that has my LCD monitors plugged
in. But, it will only do so on one of the boards, not the other.

Anyways, I'll finally get the video sorted out, and something will
come and decide that I really want another xorg.conf, and will change
things out from under me. This happens on every reboot, and sometimes
seems to happen even if I don't reboot the system.

Sometimes it will leave a file called:

I did manage to find the files:

but the mechanism by which they do their mischief isn't immediately
clear. Has anybody else dealt with this issue?

Software that holds your hand is one thing, software that holds your
hand and won't let go is really, really annoying.
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