[svlug] web address is 'application/x-trash'

Tony Hartzell hartzellt at charter.net
Fri Apr 13 13:31:13 PDT 2007

   I didn't do anything (that I'm aware of) with http://hartzellt.net/ ,
but it was brought to my attention last week that when you try to bring
up my page, Firefox responds with a pop-up that says 
		You have chosen to open

		which is a: application/x-trash
		from http:/hartzellt.net
	What should Firefox do with this file?

   If I try opening the site with Konquerer, it says;
	Open http://www.hartzellt.net?
	Type: backup file

I used to get a directory listing...does anybody know what's happened?
			Tony Hartzell

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