[svlug] EMACS keybindings in KDE?

David Rosenstrauch darose at darose.net
Thu Apr 12 14:28:54 PDT 2007

When a user first logs into KDE, it takes you through a wizard (which I 
unfortunately can't recall the name of) that lets you (among other 
things) choose the key emulation that KDE will use.  I don't recall if 
emacs emulation is one of the options, but if it is I'm guessing that's 
where you'd set it.

Sorry for the faulty memory.  Perhaps someone else can chime in with the 
app name.



Larry Colen wrote:
> I've recently been giving KDE a try. The one thing, however, that is
> driving me crazy is that it uses "windows key bindings". I know that
> gnome recently broke and started using them, but found a way to fix
> it. 
> My fingers are used to emacs key bindings. Ctrl-A is supposed to go to
> the beginning of the line, not select everything. My brain just can't
> shift keybindings depending on whether I'm at the shell prompt,
> editing a document, or trying to type a URL.  
> I've been trying to find out how to fix the broken keybindings in KDE,
> but all I can seem to find is people complaining about the same thing,
> or directions on how to change them in GTK. Does anyone here know how
> to change them?

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