[svlug] Taking advantage of added RAM

Skip Evans skip at bigskypenguin.com
Wed Apr 4 11:47:29 PDT 2007

Hey all,

I just upgraded my workstation here from 512MB of 
RAM to 2GB and am wondering if there is any config 
   parameters I should adjust to take advantage of 
it, or will the OS just know what to do.

The box is running Xubuntu, and what I do mostly 
is use 5 workspaces, each with a different project 
running Firefox, Kate for code editing, a shell, 
Konqueror, and maybe gFTP, plus an email client 
over in the last workspace.

Any suggested adjustments or just let her fly?
Skip Evans
Big Sky Penguin, LLC
61 W Broadway
Butte, Montana 59701
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